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Gay babysitting sex stories

Introduction: A little something I thought up… Ive been babysitting for my neighbors since I was about twelve or thirteen, so thatd make it a five year business for me. I just turned eighteen earlier this month, and Ill be heading off to college later this summer. Ive never really had to get a job, just because my neighbors go out so much that it keeps me paid steadily! Naturally I do have favorite families to look after and others that I do not like so much.
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Babysitting the Boys - Sex Stories

Gay babysitting sex stories
Gay babysitting sex stories
Gay babysitting sex stories
Gay babysitting sex stories
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Babysitting Bradley 1

As with all my stories, this too involves said boys and or men wearing and using diapers, if you do not like this, then please leave now. If you are still reading, I hope that you read through and enjoy my story, and I would greatly appreciate hearing from you the reader as to how I did. While I write for myself and share with others, it really is nice to hear how others feel about what I wrote. All I ask is that you do not flame me, especially for the content, of which I already warned you. If you wish to read any other stories by me or other like minded writers, you are welcome to come and join my site at groups. For any and all emails concerning my story, please email me at erich yahoo. Thanks, I hope you enjoy the story.
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Babysitting the Twins

I had been babysitting Joey and Laura for about two years. The Smiths were my favorite family to work for, since they payed twice as much as my other employers. Besides, Mr. Smith was a pretty good looking guy and it gave me food for thought.
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My name is steve and it all started when I was about 13, I am blonde hair, blue eyes, about 5'3 and I way about pounds, I am not very big. My parents were going out of town for a week and my uncle was coming to stay with me when my parents were out of town. My uncle was a bit of drinker and usually I would just stay up in my room and listen to music, do my homework and then go to bed, my uncle could get very nasty when he wanted to so I tried to say clear of him when he came to stay. Tom my uncle's friend called out to me and said hey steve do you want to have a beer with us, no thanks I said and started to walk toward the stairs, my uncle yelled you think we are not good enough for you, I pretended not to hear and kept going. Steve my uncle yelled get your butt back here when I am talking to you, When I turned around they were all laughing and carring on so I thought they forgot about me so I tried again to go up stairs, my uncle got up and came over and grabbed me and said when I am talking to you, you will listen.

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